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Our Professional Hair Care Products & Why We Use Them

When you want healthy hair, you have to care for it. At LAHH Salon, we hand-picked the most incredible, luxurious, and hydrating hair products. Our professional hair care products literally smell good enough to eat and leave your hair looking incredible. After many years of experience, we carefully selected products that benefit all hair types and styles. We proudly use and sell the best products so you can reach your hair goals.

Balmain Hair Couture

Balmain hair couture products were born out of the Balmain Paris brand. That’s right, the same Balmain the Kardashians love. Of course, we also love that they are sulfate and paraben-free. Balmain’s professional hair care products are tested and proven in the fashion industry which is why we chose to share them with you. With our skilled stylists and these products, you will be runway-ready!

Evo Hair Care Products

Evo hair care products challenge the pitfalls of big-brand beauty companies by creating super high-quality and sustainable hair products. Evo shampoo, conditioner, other treatments are made without sulfates or parabens.

We trust this product and support its mission which is why you’ll see the Evo brand when you book an appointment with us. LAHH Salon wants to show you how much you can love your hair. We see incredible results with the perfect combination of Evo products.


The KEVIN.MURPHY brand is “skincare for your hair”. With the right routine and products like Kevin Murphy Shampoo and Kevin Murphy Hair Color, your hair is plump, hydrated, and beautiful. There are endless options and product lines within the Kevin Murphy brand. So, finding the right product might become an expensive hassle. Let us evaluate your hair type, texture, and cut then recommend the perfect regime for you.


Roses are red. Amazing hair care is BLEU! This line from R+Co brings next-level style and sophistication through innovations in formulation, sustainability and sleek packaging. Each lightweight product infuses hydration and shine into your hair. It’s perfect for your every-day luxury hair care routine.

Stop by the salon and see why we are going bananas for these product lines.

But Emily! These products cost more than what I see at CVS! What gives? Here’s why:

  1. These products have a higher concentration of quality ingredients. (Drugstore brands have a ton of added water and other fillers.)
  2. Because of #1, you can use less and they will last longer.
  3. The high-quality ingredients are gentle and won’t strip or dry out your hair.
  4. Cheap, mass-produced products are brutal on the environment.
  5. By using the same products we use in the salon, you can replicate your look much easier.

Invest in your hair. Come say hi and check out our spectacular product line. Our stylists are expertly trained to help you choose the very best products for your hair.